Hi, I'm Ruben Bosetti. I'm a product designer and algorithmic design expert at mHS Global Impact.

I'm passionate about building things that provide meaning and serve a human purpose.
I've been an architect, teacher, theatre performer.
Curious, generalist, slow thinker, lifelong learner, enthusiast about collaboration and collective intelligence processes.
I research on resilient communities, urban regeneration and physical-digital hybridization.
When I need inspiration I dance.

My design process is iterative, multiperspective, purpose-driven.
I value both collective thinking in design sprints, and independent work to produce prototypes.
I'm comfortable both on working on high-level strategy and planning, and on refining the details of a design.

Email me at rubenbosetti@gmail.com


mHS Global Impact
Product designer, algorithmic design expert

2019 - Present

Revolver urban lab
Founder, civic designer

2017 - 2020

Freelance architect and designer

2014 - 2020

LCA Architetti



2015 - 2017

Brusa Pasqué AA



A good hands-on understanding of the startup ecosystem, including product design, business models, companies, accountability, funding.
A good understanding of product design, including UX/UI design.
Experienced in working in collaborative environments and facilitating workshops.

Digital design

+++++Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere)
+++++Interface design softwares (Figma, XD, Sketch)
+++Web applications architecture and operations
++++Hacker mindset, understanding things and making them work for you, scripting and automating


+++++CAD (Autocad)
+++++BIM (ArchiCad, Revit)
+++++Autodesk Dynamo

and many others...